Providing Low-Income, Uninsured Residents of Polk County with Access to FREE Specialty Healthcare, Diagnostics and Labs.

Program Qualifications:

Are you a Polk County Resident?

Are you uninsured?

Is your income below 200% of the FPL?

Project Helpful Heart's mission is to provide adults, children & caregivers with much-needed durable medical equipment (DME) so they can live, work, and play regardless of challenges.

Through Project Pink mammograms and diagnostics are provided to eligible individuals in order to help our community combat and fight breast cancer.

Project Ride to Health’s mission is to increase healthcare access to Polk County residents through the provision of FREE transportation via Uber Health.

Project New Sight’s mission is to expand eye care awareness by providing FREE access to eye health and vision care services in an effort to improve our patients' quality of life.

What our Clients Say About Us:

“We Care helped me get an appointment to get my mammogram. If it wouldn’t have been for the services at We Care, I wouldn’t have been able to get this procedure done. Thank you for all your help, We Care.”

“The added service of Uber rides to my appointments have been a great help to me. It has removed the stress of securing rides to and from my appointments. Thank you so much.”

“My family and I are very grateful to all the We Care team and of course, the doctors who treated me. If it wasn’t for, We Care, I would have been in the dark because I had cataracts in my eyes, and thanks to the We Care program I was able to get an operation on my eyes. Thank you so much for all your help, my family and I are very grateful.”

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We Care is a recipient and is partially funded by Polk County’s voter-approved 1/2 cent sales tax for indigent health care. However, this is not enough to help the many residents that need our services.