Who is We Care?

group of medical providers

We Care of Central Florida (We Care) was initiated in 1998 by the Polk County Medical Association, for the purpose of increasing access to specialty medical care for low-income, uninsured residents of Polk County. Today, We Care is a well-established referral program, with a 120-member strong, and growing, network of volunteer physicians, allied healthcare professionals, diagnostic and surgical facilities, and administrative support staff dedicated and passionate to bringing change to our community.

Clients are referred to We Care from a variety of free or low-cost primary care programs, including the Polk Health Care Plan, free primary care clinics, federally qualified health centers, hospital emergency, and financial aid departments, and Polk County health departments. All rely upon We Care’s resources, to provide the specialty care needed for effectively managing their Primary Care patients.

In addition to providing access to specialty care services and diagnostics, We Care operates four additional Projects:

Project Helpful Heart's mission is to provide adults, children & caregivers with much-needed durable medical equipment (DME) so they can live, work, and play regardless of challenges.

Through Project Pink mammograms and diagnostics are provided to eligible individuals in order to help our community combat and fight breast cancer.

Project Ride to Health’s mission is to increase healthcare access to Polk County residents through the provision of FREE transportation via Uber Health.

Project New Sight’s mission is to expand eye care awareness by providing FREE access to eye health and vision care services in an effort to improve our patients' quality of life.